Progressive Pupil

Our friends at Progressive Pupil have launched a new website! Progressive Pupil makes Black studies for everybody by creating and sharing documentary films and social media that expand knowledge about the history, cultures and politics of communities of African descent, promote civic engagement and encourage collaboration between activists, students, scholars, artists, teachers and their allies. … [Read more…]

Presentations by McGill students in Education

Excellent presentation today titled Gendering of foreign languages: The case of Jamaica, by Marcia Malcolm! Marcia talked about her research which explores cultural identity and language gendering in Jamaica, particularly in relation to the resistance of male students to foreign language learning.  Her work is geared toward transformatory pedagogy that might promote tolerance of difference … [Read more…]

Dominicains d’origine haïtienne/ Haitian descendants in the DR

(Michelle Mevs Portes) Qui défend les intérêts d´Haïti et de sa diaspora? (Peter Flegel) Dominican Republic: Justifying the Unjustifiable Comité d’actions contre la décision 168-13 de la République dominicaine

Upcoming speaker series at Concordia not to be missed!

THICK SKIN: REFLECTIONS ON RACE, GENDER AND POLITICAL RESISTANCE IN QUEBEC AND CANADA **A speaker series presented by Concordia University’s Centre for Gender Advocacy** Artists, scholars, activists and teachers pose challenges and responses to racism in Quebec and Canada. Open to the public. *** Thurs, Jan 30, 6:30pm, H-459: Leila Bedeir on Islamic Feminism & … [Read more…]

Troubling the notion of “white anti-racists” and “white allies”

Challenging Racism and the Problem with White “Allies”: A Conversation with David Leonard by Suey Park  [Thursday, December 26, 2013] I met Dr. David Leonard, Associate Professor in the Department of Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies at Washington State University, on Twitter shortly after my initial critique of Tim Wise. I was pleased to … [Read more…]

DESTA and C-Uni-T

What a pleasure to visit DESTA last night to speak about Community-University Talks and invite the group to collaborate on some projects in the upcoming new year! DESTA, the Black Youth Network, is a not-for-profit community-based organization serving marginalized youth, aged 18 to 25, primarily from the Black community in the Greater Montreal area. Our … [Read more…]

Community-University Talks website!

This post is to confirm that posts on our website will now appear on our new Facebook page!

Congress Event Summary / Sommaire de l’événement

Create Dangerously: Congress of Black Writers and Artists was held from October 18th to October 20th 2013 at McGill University in Montreal. The Congress was an enormous success, welcoming roughly 180-190 participants over the weekend. Créer dangeureusement: le congrès des écrivainEs et artistes noirEs a eu lieu du 18 au 20 octobre 2013 à l’Université … [Read more…]

Charmaine Nelson’s Black Canadian Studies website

Dr. Charmaine Nelson is an Associate  Professor at McGill University and currently the only Black professor working in the discipline of Art History at a Canadian University! A friend/ colleague/ mentor to many members of Community-University Talks, Charmaine was an enthusiastic supporter and presenting participant in the recent 2013 Congress of Black Writers and Artists.  … [Read more…]

printing projects/ sérigraphie

October 2013: Congress of Black Writers & Artists tote bags octobre 2013: Sacs du Congrès des écrivainEs et artistes noirEs Screen-printing our own tote bags was made possible by Ste. Emilie’s Skillshare and the patience and generosity of Iggi Zhou, the volunteer from Ste Em’s who worked with us into the wee hours of the … [Read more…]