Forthcoming documentary about the Sir George Williams Affair

Directed by Mina Shum and produced by Selwyn Jacob for Pacific & Yukon Studio, Ninth Floor is currently in the final stages of post-production at NFB headquarters in Montreal. Read more: “With Ninth Floor, …Mina Shum returns to the documentary genre to investigate a defining moment in Canadian race relations and student politics. The … [Read more…]

Black History Month 2015 Mois de l’histoire des noirs

Congratulations to Professor Adelle Blackette and all of this year’s Black History month laureates! Congratulations to Montreal artist and art educator Tanisha Mapp whose art is featured on this year’s Black History Month poster! LIST OF SPECIAL EVENTS: PROGRAMMATION: 3e édition FESTIVAL FRO! (opening ceremony Jan. 31st) Hommage Malcolm X … [Read more…]

CINEMA POLITICA MONTREAL & StudioXX Present : Screening & Artist Talk with Lisa E. Harris & Alisha B. Wormsley

A collection of creative works focused on time and memory; collectively the human experience stemming from Africa. Synopsis About the Collection ———- Studio Enertia artists Lisa E. Harris (Houston) and Alisha B. Wormsley (Pittsburgh) create works focused on Time and Memory; collectively the human experience stemming from Africa.  The beginning.  Everything past present and future … [Read more…]

Navigating the Great White North

An incredibly important critical essay by our new friend, activist author Zetta Elliot: Navigating the Great White North: Representing Blackness in Canadian Young Adult Literature    

Encuentro performance art festival

A message from Rosamond King, a new friend that Cora-Lee, Kanisha, Kevin and rosalind met by beautiful fate last weekend!   My name is Rosamond S. King (, and I am a performance artist, writer, and book artist of recent African and Caribbean descent.  When I’m not traveling or living elsewhere, I’m based in Brooklyn, … [Read more…]

Being Black in Canada (video)

Produced by the CBC and  featuring commentary  from a number of Black Canadian artists and scholars- including several C-Uni-T/ Create Dangerously Congress friends and colleagues! Being Black in Canada Published on Mar 14, 2014 Join host Asha Tomlinson as she explores the challenges Black Canadians face today, and asks what they are doing about them. … [Read more…]

new website and blog: Teaching African Canadian History Natasha Henry is an educator, historian, and curriculum consultant, specializing in the development of learning materials that focus on the African Diasporic experience. She is the author of  Emancipation Day: Celebrating Freedom in Canada (June 2010), Talking About Freedom: Celebrating Freedom in Canada (January 2012), Early Societies: Africa, China, and Europe (2013), African Canadian Firsts (2014), and The African Diaspora (2014). Natasha has … [Read more…]

“I, Too, Am…”: Students of Colour asserting their presence

Following the lead of I, Too, Am Harvard   and  I, Too, Am Oxford, McGill students of colour have launched I, Too, Am McGill, to denounce the “conscious and unconscious micro-aggression that often silences our voices, devalues our contributions, and questions our presence at this elite institution of higher learning.”

Prof. George Dei: The Intellectual and Political Project of Decolonization and Anti-Colonial Praxis in the [Western] Academy

Click link below to view the power point presentation by Professor George J. Sefa Dei from his critical keynote presentation at the EGSS Conference at McGill University on March 22nd Abstract: The Intellectual and Political Project of Decolonization and Anti-Colonial Praxis in the [Western] Academy In the overarching concern of “decolonizing our minds” my keynote address … [Read more…]

Radio documentary by Kai Thomas on CKUT (Feb 5th)

Stepping on Ananse’s Testicles – A Documentary in Celebration of Black History Month Tune in to Off the Hour on Wednesday February 5th from 5-6pm to hear this special Black History Month Documentary, produced by CKUT’s Kai Thomas Ananse the spider finds many incarnations in the folklore of Afrika and the Diaspora. He is a wily … [Read more…]