Charmaine Nelson’s Black Canadian Studies website

Dr. Charmaine Nelson is an Associate  Professor at McGill University and currently the only Black professor working in the discipline of Art History at a Canadian University! A friend/ colleague/ mentor to many members of Community-University Talks, Charmaine was an enthusiastic supporter and presenting participant in the recent 2013 Congress of Black Writers and Artists.  … [Read more…]

On avoiding academic jargon

Video of a presentation by Latanya Walker, (Virginia Tech, 2010): Top five reasons to avoid academic jargon  

Demographic Challenges Facing the Black Community of Montreal in the 21st Century / Caractéristiques démographiques de la communauté noire montréalaise: les enjeux du troisième millénaire

2010 study of the Montreal Black community by the Montreal Consortium for Human Rights and Advocacy Training, based on data from the 2006 Canadian census ExecutiveSummaryBlackDemograhic2010 — Étude démographique des communautés noires montréalaises produite en 2010. Une enquête du Consortium de formation sur la défense des droits humains de Montréal basée sur les données du Recensement … [Read more…]

TWICE REMOVED: Double Punishment and Racial Profiling in Canada

“Twice Removed: Double Punishment and Racial Profiling in Canada,” by Lillian Boctor, in collaboration with Solidarity Across Borders and No One is Illegal. (French version to be released shortly.) This film tells the story of Nicholas, who was deported on August 9, 2012, after living 30 years in Canada, to Guyana, a country he hadn’t … [Read more…]

Congrès des écrivainEs et artistes noirEs 2013 Congress of Black Writers and Artists

[le français suivra] Create Dangerously 2013 Congress of Black Writers and Artists 18-20 October 2013 McGill University, Montreal   The first international Congress of Black Writers and Artists was held in 1956 at Sorbonne University in Paris, bringing together Black intellectuals representing three different continents to examine, discuss and debate Black culture and identity in … [Read more…]

New book/Nouvelle parution: FEAR OF A BLACK NATION: Race, Sex & Security in Sixties Montreal

DAVID AUSTIN, 2013 In the 1960s, for at least a brief moment, Montreal became what seemed an unlikely centre of Black Power and the Caribbean left. In October 1968 the Congress of Black Writers at McGill University brought together well-known Black thinkers and activists from Canada, the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean—people like C.L.R. … [Read more…]