Congratulations Annisha!

Members of Community-University Talks are happy to award one of our 2017 youth bursaries to Annisha LaShawna Sealy, to support her ongoing pursuit of Black Canadian Studies. Annisha is completing a Bachelor of Education degree in Urban Education, and her academic goal is to pursue graduate studies in History, with a focus on the Caribbean.

Annisha recently learned of the Black Canadian Studies Association (BCSA) and has become a member. She co-presented a paper at the recent BCSA conference in Brandon, Manitoba, where her work was very well received and she had the opportunity to network with other Black students, academics, artists and activists. We are so happy to encourage Annisha’s membership and active involvement in the BCSA moving forward, as well as her ongoing work overall as an energetic and brilliant teacher and learner!

Congratulations Annisha!



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