Haitians and the Remaking of Quebec: Sean Mills talk & book launch(Feb 18th)

Talk & Montreal Book Launch: A Place in the Sun

Please join Sean Mills this Thursday, February 18th for his talk on “The Poetics of Exile: Haitians and the Remaking of Quebec”. The talk will be hosted by the Montreal History Group, and will be followed by the Montreal book launch for Sean Mill’s latest book A Place in the Sun. The event will take place at Morrice Hall, TNC Theatre, Room 017, 5pm. Admission is free. Directions and Details

This important book illuminates a little-known and important story, offering a richly nuanced portrait of the Haitian immigrant experience in Montreal. An exemplary work of cultural and social history, it will be of interest both to specialists on Haiti and Canada and more broadly to those interested in thinking about migration and politics.” Laurent Dubois, author of Haiti: The Aftershocks of History


Haiti, Haitians, and the Remaking of Quebec

A richly drawn portrait of Haiti in Quebec, of Quebec through Haiti, and the ways in which migrants transform societies.

haitiWhat is the relationship between migration and politics in Quebec? How did French Canadians’ activities in the global south influence future debates about migration and Quebec society? How did migrants, in turn, shape debates about language, class, nationalism and sexuality? A Place in the Sun explores these questions through overlapping histories of Quebec and Haiti.

From the 1930s to the 1950s, French-Canadian and Haitian cultural and political elites developed close intellectual bonds and large numbers of French-Canadian missionaries began working in the country. Through these encounters, French-Canadian intellectual and religious figures developed an image of Haiti that would circulate widely throughout Quebec and have ongoing cultural ramifications. After first exploring French-Canadian views of Haiti, Sean Mills reverses the perspective by looking at the many ways that Haitian migrants intervened in and shaped Quebec society. As the most significant group seen to integrate into francophone Quebec, Haitian migrants introduced new perspectives into a changing public sphere during decades of political turbulence. By turning his attention to the ideas and activities of Haitian taxi drivers, exiled priests, aspiring authors, dissident intellectuals, and feminist activists, Mills reconsiders the historical actors of Quebec intellectual and political life, and challenges the traditional tendency to view migrants as peripheral to Quebec history.

Ranging from political economy to discussions about sexuality, A Place in the Sun demonstrates the ways in which Haitian migrants opened new debates, exposed new tensions, and forever altered Quebec society.

Une place au soleil : Haïti, les Haïtiens et la refondation du Québec

  • Sean Mills

    Traduction de Hélène Paré.

    Quelle est la relation entre la migration et la politique au Québec ? Comment s’articulent les débats mondiaux sur la migration et la société québécoise ? Comment les migrants ont-ils influé la forme des débats : la langue, la classe, le nationalisme et la sexualité ? Haïti. Une place au soleil explore ces questions par le biais de chevauchement histoires du Québec et Haïti. Des années 1930 à aujourd’hui. Histoire de passion, de combat et de racisme. Mais histoire de deux grands peuples d’Amérique.

    L’ouvrage est accompagné de photos.

    Sean Mills est historien et professeur adjoint au Département d’histoire de l’Université de Toronto.  Il a publié son premier essai, Contester l’empire: Pensée postcoloniale et militantisme politique à Montréal, chez Hurtubise en 2011.

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