(tonight at l’Artère) Happy 100th birthday Billie Holiday!


NOTE that this event will also be happening later this month on April 28th at Divan Orange:

17-year-old Eleanora Fagan had decided she was done scrubbing floors and turning tricks to pay her mother’s rent. When an eviction notice appeared on the door, she walked to Pod’s & Jerry’s in Harlem to audition as a singer, despite having never sung a note.

She walked out Billie Holiday, the quintessential jazz vocalist who, as one biographer put it, “created the standards by which jazz singers are judged.”

Her improvisational phrasing and melancholic delivery would later inspire Frank Sinatra and Joni Mitchell to sing.

But unlike them, Billie Holiday didn’t choose to sing. She sang because she had to. Life left her no choice.

On April 28, 2015, a 5-piece band led by pianist-vocalist Kyle Mooney will mark Billie Holiday’s 100thbirthday by performing her most seminal songs, while situating them in her legacy through readings from her 1956 autobiography Lady Sings the Blues.

Join us at Divan Orange as we celebrate the invaluable musical gifts of Billie Holiday, who, by articulating her unthinkable suffering, made our own so much easier to bear.  https://www.facebook.com/events/820056344740513/


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