C-Uni-T endorses a YES vote in the QPIRG McGill referendum

Community-University Talks encourages PGSS members to vote yes in the current QPIRG referendum. The referendum ends Monday, March 2nd at 5pm, and you can vote at ssmu.simplyvoting.com.
QPIRG is a social and environmental justice organization that builds bridges between McGill and the wider Montreal community. QPIRG does amazing popular education work, has pioneered applied student research and community based research projects at McGill, and funds a wide range of student and community groups addressing everything from urban gardening to indigenous sovereignty. Since their inception in 1988, QPIRG McGill has never had a fee increase from PGSS students; the referendum is asking for their student levy to be effectively indexed to inflation, bringing them from 3$ to 5$.
Community-University has been grateful to be one of QPIRG McGill’s working groups since the fall of 2012.

For more information please visit http://www.qpirgyes.com/

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