Karriem reports on the Jamel Shabazz presentation last week

Street Photographer Jamel Shabazz’s lecture at McGill University, Pieces of A Man, last Thursday, October 9 was a refreshing and inspiring talk on his personal journey as an artist. He was real, simple and personable.
Jamel focused his presentation on the social and political climate of the 60s as well as his own family background that shaped his artistic and aesthetic sensibilities.

He discussed the impact of the Vietnam war, his time in the military and of course his upbringing in New York city, particularly at the dawn of the crack era and how they all sharpened his desire to use his talents as a photographer to not only document early hip hop culture, social inequalities and the dignity of disenfranchised people, but to also use his art as “visual medicine”.

-Karriem Shabazz

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