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Really diggin’ this initiative in Pittsburgh and the work being done by these young people!

1Hood Media Academy is a tool to help young people critically analyze messages, broaden their experience of media, and develop creative skills in creating their own media messages. Media literacy is a means of educating young people on the effects of media societal perception, and more specifically, on how it shapes the way young people view “reality”. We explore the constant bombardment of media images and how these images shape youth perception of self, parents, community, and the world. We educate young people on the fallacies involved in the utilization of certain images and how an incorrect, warped perception of themselves is formed, as well as, how to counteract the effects.

Furthermore, we endeavor to teach young people how to create, market, and shape world perception of themselves. The participating youth will be taken through the process of cultivating their voice via various forms of media. They produce quality final products and utilize the internet to market the finished result. The specific focus, though not limited to, is to educate the participant in the nuances of the culture of today’s media, as well as, to enhance their focus on education and personal accountability in today’s world. This alternative education program thereby serves a dual purpose of equipping the communities youth with the proper tools for self expression, as well as, occupying their time with positive influences with a specific goal oriented agendas.

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